Victoria Kay

Canadian government, public policy, civil law
POLS 1400, POLS 1150, POLS 2000, POLS 2200, POLS 2300, POLS 2350, POLS 3250, POLS 3130, POLS 3650, POLS 3440, POLS 3270

Hi everyone! My name is Victoria and I am one of your Peer Contacts for this year. I am a fourth year Political Science major, minoring in both Psychology and in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. This is my second year as a peer contact and I am very excited for it. When I first started here at the University of Guelph, I was originally majoring in Criminal Justice and Public Policy but decided to switch into political science in the middle of second year. I decided to make this change because I was very interested in the political science courses I was taking in CJPP and wanted to focus my studies in this area.

My interests within political science include public policy and administration, and law and politics; however, I have taken a wide range of courses over the past three years. I enjoy learning about how the public sector operates and the various impacts that law and politics have on Canadian society.

There is a wide variety of political science courses offered and it may seem very overwhelming at first. I have learned over the years to take a little bit of everything and you will eventually realize what topics you are truly passionate about. For me, it took until the middle of my third year to realize the direction I wanted to go in within political science. As you continue to take courses, you will expand your knowledge and discover your academic interests.

As a peer contact, I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding specific courses, course selection, university life, assignments, etc. I am always happy to offer guidance so feel free to reach out to myself or any of my fellow peer contacts at any time during the school year!