Sydney Botelho

POLS*2000, POLS*2250, POLS*2200, POLS*2300, POLS*1150

Hello fellow Gryphons! My name is Sydney Botelho, and I’m excited to begin my third year at the University of Guelph as a Political Science major with a History minor. Entering university, I struggled to adjust to the demanding level of research and writing necessary for a degree in political science.

In my own experience, I have learned that both academic and personal success are a continuous process that require patience and willingness to fail, try again, and ask for help. I was able to recognize my academic strengths, such as writing midterms and exams, and reach out for guidance from university resources such as writing help in areas where I struggled.

In addition, I found that my academic confidence has grown with various work and volunteer experience that allowed me to put the knowledge and skills I have acquired through my degree into practice. I have previously worked as a student campaign volunteer, held a Youth Council seat for Member of Parliament Gagan Sikand, was Events Supervisor at Skyzone Mississauga, a Camp Director/League Coordinator for Future Girls Soccer, and am currently employed at The Bank of Nova Scotia as a Customer Service Representative.

Beyond my undergraduate degree, I hope to complete a Master of Law in Policy with a focus in International Political Economy and work in the financial sector as an economic policy officer and regulator.