Kate Puddister

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Phone number: 
519 824 4120 x52424
MCKN 510
Education (doctoral degree): 
McGill University, Political Science

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Kate Puddister is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Guelph and she contributes to the Criminal Justice and Public Policy  (CJPP) and the Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy (CCJP) programs.

Her research interests focus on two broad areas of inquiry: (1) law and politics, and (2) criminal justice and criminal justice policy. A common theme in Kate’s work is a focus on the interaction between political actors and the judiciary, and the judicialization of politics.

Kate recently completed a comprehensive study of the Canadian reference power, which considers the political benefits of empowering courts. She has also published work on criminal justice policy and police oversight, including a focus on the Mr. Big undercover police investigation technique.

Kate has contributed expert analysis to multiple media outlets including radio, television, and print.

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