Jenna Smith

Public Policy, Law and Politics, Gender and Politics
POLS 1150, POLS 2300, POLS 2200, POLS 2100, POLS 2250, POLS 3440, POLS 3140, POLS 3300, POLS 3650, POLS 3130, POLS 3450, POLS 3490

Hi everyone! My name is Jenna and I am in my fourth year at Guelph majoring in political science and minoring in sociology. I decided to study politics because I have always been interested in how decision making and policy creation by politicians can directly impact individuals and a country’s population as a whole.

By being a student athlete on the varsity track and field team, I have learned how to juggle both athletics and academics, and I am still learning as my time as an undergraduate comes to an end.

Through trial and error, I have picked up some crucial study and time management skills that have helped me stay on top of my schoolwork, even when my schedule seemed overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to reach out if have any questions or need advice whether it be politics related or not. Looking forward to a great year with you all!