Grace Collict

Grace Collict
Public Policy, Public Administration, International Relations, Comparative Politics
POLS*1150, POLS*2000, POLS*2080, POLS*2100, POLS*2200, POLS*2250, POLS*2300, POLS*2350, POLS*3130, POLS*3180, POLS*3370, POLS*3440, POLS*3490, POLS*3650, POLS*3670

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Collict, and I am a fourth-year student here at the University of Guelph majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. This will be my second year as a peer contact, and I am looking forward to the exciting year ahead!

My passion for politics has grown since starting here at the University of Guelph as I have learned so much from the wide range of courses that are offered, and the knowledgeable and inspiring professors.

Some of my interests include international relations and public policy however, I have taken courses from every field in the program. I believe right now is an extraordinary time to be a Political Science major with everything going on in the political world and I am excited to further my studies in a post graduate program after graduating this year.

Please feel free to contact me if you should ever have any questions about the program, campus life or if you just need someone to talk to! Have a great school year Gryphons!