Ashley Hizo

Canadian and US politics, Law
POLS 1150, POLS 2080, POLS 2300, PHIL 2280, POLS 2200, POLS 2150, POLS 2350

I am in my fourth and final year of my political science degree at the University of Guelph. I decided to pursue the study of political science because I am passionate about the structures and institutions that shape the world we live in. Studying political science has made me more of an actively involved and aware student. During lectures, I never find myself questioning the value of information learned. The study of politics is so essential as the decisions people make truly affects everyone regardless of political affiliation, race or class.

For the past two summers, I have had the privilege of working as a summer intern for the Ministry of Customer and Consumer Services (i.e Service Ontario), through this experience I got to learn the different services that the provincial government offers regarding health coverage, driver's license and vehicle registrations. Working at Service Ontario, my clientele was mainly composed of newly landed immigrants, and individuals going through the process of gaining citizenship. I believe that from this job I developed my desire to practice immigration law.

As it follows, my academic goal this year is to get into law school in order to practice immigration law. This past summer I prepared and wrote the LSAT, and am now in the process of applying to law schools. I plan to apply to Ottawa, Queens, Western, and Windsor.

The biggest obstacle I have faced while in university was my time management skills. I like to joke that I suffer from compulsive- procrastination. Altogether with balancing a full-time course load, multiple part time jobs, maintaining a social life, and attempting to be well rested. I have definitely learned how to prioritize certain things, and how to schedule my time accordingly.