Anna Olchowec

Gender and Politics, Poverty, Inequality, Politics and Development, International Relations, Environmental Politics, and Law and Ethics
POLS 1150, POLS 1500, POL 2150, POLS 2080, POLS 2300, PHIL 2280

Hi! I am Anna Olchowec, a 3rd year student at the University of Guelph studying Political Science and Philosophy. I chose to study Poli Sci. and Phil. because of my interests in various social and political issues and my ultimate desire to understand why things are the way things are in the world around us. Philosophy and Political Science courses have given me a unique perspective into these various issues, allowing me to develop a true passion for topics such as: gender and politics, gender and inequality, environmental politics, international relations, and law and ethics. My interest in these topics has encouraged me to participate in various community initiatives and resource centres including Habitat for Humanity and Guelph Women in Crisis – to reach out to vulnerable members of society and empower, protect and encourage those that need it most. The skills and knowledge I have learned while pursuing my undergrad at the University have empowered me to be a better student, a better friend, and a better-rounded member of the Guelph community. With the knowledge and skills I have gained thus far (and will continue to gain), I hope to pursue Law School or perhaps a post-graduate degree.

Having mentioned my uncertainty for any concrete-post-graduate plans, I want to mention the importance of realizing that it is okay to be uncertain. In fact, the biggest lesson I’ve learned from my time as a university student is that the uncertainty of post-grad is really ‘no big deal’. The university offers countless programs and services to help students through the process of making such big decisions, and the Peer Contact Program is just one of them! So, take advantage of these programs, ask questions, email your fellow Peer Contacts... we are here to support you!

With respect to the courses listed above, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them and would be happy to answer any specific or broad questions about any of these courses. Additionally, I would be happy to provide some insight into LSAT prep or general questions about getting involved on-campus or off campus. Feel free to reach out to me at any point! Let’s connect and talk about school, getting involved and pushing our limits as students and future leaders in society!