Aaron Nugent

Comparative Politics, Political Philosophy, Political Sociology, Law
POLS*1150, POLS 2100, POLS*2150, POLS*2250, POLS*2300, POLS*2350, PHIL*2280, POLS*3130, POLS*3440

I initially enrolled into the University of Guelph as a business major, because I have several interests in the corporate world such as corporate law, marketing, and real estate. However, after my first semester I decided to switch into political science and it was the best decision of my academic career so far.

I chose to study politics because in business I felt like I was not getting the whole story; as if I was missing out on the bigger picture of how business and society interact. I wanted to learn more about power dynamics, and decision makers, policy makers and the real drivers in society.

Delving into my first politics course, I learned so much about why the political forces we have in society exist; why they work and why they don’t work. This then sparked interests in the history of political thought and philosophy, as well as an interest in comparative politics. I am fascinated by the similarities and differences across different countries, cultures and eras. 

My political hero and one of my major inspirations in life is Barack Obama, former president of the United States. He inspires me because he showed me from a very young age that as a black man you can do it all. You can be cool and be smart. You can act with class and respect... and listen to rap music!

Being a basketball player does not prevent me from being an honour roll student. He set the example that excellence is attainable for someone like myself. Barack Obama attended my two dream schools, Columbia for his undergrad and then Harvard Law School.

My goal at the end of my degree is to be accepted into a graduate program at one of these two institutions and go on to make an impact in the world following one of my many passions, including sports, music, law and politics.

My end game may or may not be ground breaking political change, however; icons such as Barack Obama, my passionate professors at the University of Guelph, and my extracurricular experiences both as a varsity athlete and a volunteer in the community, motivate me to succeed in my pursuit of a political science degree.

I am honoured to have this opportunity to share my passion for learning with other political science students at the University of Guelph.